Wednesday, September 21, 2011

images from here and here.

I had a mini holiday this weekend in Jasper. The Mountains were extraordinary with all their 
changing colours and fresh snow on the tops every morning. We even saw the cutest little black bear (ok I would not be saying he was cute if we were remotely close to him, but from a distance he was pretty darn cute!) 
One morning we walked around Mount Edith Cavell which has the most beautiful glacier and glacial lake below it. There were hundreds of little icebergs floating around and they were amazing with all their different shapes and patterns.
 Is it weird that i'm now feeling inspired by Icebergs?

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  1. how incredible are these? wowness, isn't it amazing how things in nature have their very own artistic harmony. what a lovely share! been doing some much needed catch-ups on my blog reading tonight and hope you're well Kelly. glad you got a mini vacay, Jasper is somewhere i've been dying to visit.

    not weird at all to feel inspired, it's situation dependent and you've obvz been lit up brightly by these world wonders. happy weekend! ♥