Wednesday, August 24, 2011

image from here via here.
Haha I saw this picture and burst out laughing partly because I do exactly this and partly because it's such a relief to know everyone else does it too! 
Also my roomies and I are having a big party this weekend and i've been trying to think of ways to flake out (at my own party...who does that?!) and then I got a call the other day telling me that i'd be out of town next weekend for work. 
(worst hostess ever eh?)


  1. oh, gosh, i'm the same! :P :P
    but when i manage to trick myself into going then i usually feel splendid... and it's the same with so many other things, too... like doing sports or making art. :)

    have an amazing weekend, Kelly!


  2. This made me laugh out loud, too. I'm a super champ when it comes to flaking. So glad I'm not the only one!